Norden Product Videos

Low Speed Segment

The Nordenmatic 250 is a fixed speed tube filling and sealing machine suitable for outputs of 25 tubes per minute.

Medium Speed Segment

The NM 702 provides outputs of up to 80 tubes per minute.

High Speed Segment

Nordenmatic 2003 is versatile enough to meet the demands of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toothpaste and food environments.

Cartoning Machine – NP 702

Nordenpac 702 is based on the well-proven NP 700 cartoner with added value to optimise production output.

Case packer

Compact Case Packer for 70-100 tubes per minute filling rate.

Tray Pack System

The NORDEN Tray Pack System (NTP) provides the possibility to pack tubes in different ways. The tubes may be packed in either a vertical or horizontal format.


Norden provide solutions for automatic depalletizing of tube boxes from pallets, Norden Depalletizer (NDP). Norden can offer different kind of solutions and layouts.