We specialize in
quality vacuum
packaging machines

We offer ideas that raise your capacity

HEMA provides top quality machines to all your filling and packaging  needs. It helps businesses to lower production cost and boost production capacity.

Our innovative machines will ensure your system continues to run smoothly and efficiently and prolong its lifetime.

With our extensive contacts, technical know how and global service network, HEMA experienced team is committed to delivering its solutions with the highest level of customer service and technical support.

Vacuum Packing

Efficient and sustainable vacuum packaging of outstanding quality


Durable stainless steel construction, high efficient European Vacuum Pump, Touch screen

Tablet Counting

Our machines range from bench top to high speed slat counting machines

Tube Filling

Specially designed for filling and sealing, plastic, plastic-laminate and aluminum laminate tubes

Henkelman Vacuum Systems

– Tools to your commercial kitchen

– Improve customer experience

Food Processing
– Flexibility and Optimization

Non-Food Industry
– Protect against dirt, dust and moist

KBW Packaging Machines​

Liquid Filling Machines

Tablet Counting Machines

Closing or Capping Machines

Liquid Filling Machines

GrisoTec Machinery

Bottling, sealing, crimping, capping and coding equipments

Jaw Feng Machinery

Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Vacuum Massage Tumblers

Tray sealer with Vacuum & Gas Flushing

Continuous Belt type Vacuum Packers


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