GrisoTec Equipments

Dosing and Filling Devices

Grisona MA

Manual dosing and filliing appliance

Grison STP

Semi-automatic filling systems

Grisona Accessories

Large program of nozzles for different applications

Container Closing Devices

GrisoTub E

Sealing appliance for single plastic tubes

GrisoTub PS

Semi-automatic sealing system for plastic and laminated tubes

GrisoTub M

Folding and coding appliance for single metallic tubes

GrisoTub MS

Semi-automatic closing system for metallic tubes


Electrical closing system for screw caps


Pneumatic press system for stoppers, pouring spouts and similar closures


Electro-pneumatic heat sealing system for aluminium foils

Coding Devices


Manually or pneumatically operated coding appliance

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