KBW Packaging Machines

KBW Tablet Counting Machines

KBW Packaging is a UK Manufacturer. It offers a range of Tablet Counting machine that accurately count coated or uncoated tablets and pills, capsules or soft gelatine capsules.

AC 1000 Tablet Counter

Small portable counting machine with max output of 1000 tablets per minute.

AC 2000 Tablet Counter

Bench or tabletop tablet counting machine with max output of 2000 tablets per minute

AC 2000 Auto Counter

Automatic tablet counter machine for medium scale production runs.

KBW Liquid Filling Machines

KBW Packaging also offers a range of liquid filling machines for creams, liquids and food

AF 0005

Semi-automatic Vacuum filling machine

AF 0010

Semi-automatic budget liquid filling machine

AF 0020

Semi-automatic twin head liquid filling machine

AF 0040

Automatic 4 head liquid filling machine

AF 0080

Automatic 6 ot 8 head liquid filling machine

AUU 0001

Accumulation Table, Unscrambling and Reservoir Rotary Table Machines that enable infeed and outfeed management for both product and resources, to and from the packaging line.

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